Crystal Pier # 4 – Pacific Beach, San Diego

Crystal Pier - Pacific Beach, San Diego 1

Crystal Pier - Pacific Beach, San Diego 2

The only pier on the west coast with cottages over the ocean

The Crystal Pier experience begins with the clatter of vintage wood as your motorcycle rumbles over these historic planks. The smell of summertime and childhood memories permeate the air as a thunderous surf pounds the beach 25 feet below you. The newest cottages, A/B/C/D, occupy the outermost perimeter and are the epicenter of a truly visceral and emotionally charged experience. Exactly what us motorcyclists live for, it’s off the Richter scale and an absolutely amazing concoction of rushing wind, pounding ocean surf and motion. The farther from the shoreline the more the pier shudders with the waves. You’ll probably park your bike in front of your cottage and never touch the starter till checkout. There’s no need to. You’re surrounded by restaurants, bars, pubs, breakfast cafes, grocery stores and a passing parade of beach goers.

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