Motorcycle Mysteries: Twisted Tales on Two Wheels

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Motorcycle Mysteries is an entertaining and irreverent journey in search of El Chupacabre, Big Foot, Energy Vortex’s, and UFO Domes; Chasing stories of Alien abduction, Skinwalkers, the ghost of Graham Parsons, and a be-headed prostitute; Finding “Here” in Pink Floyds “Wish You Were Here” and “Champ”, America’s Loch Ness Monster; Following the trail of Easy Rider and riding Route 666.

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Great gift for a sci-fi lover, and a rider!

Got this as a gift for my dad, who rides and loves mysteries/sci-fi stuff, etc. He loved it. I loved it, too. 🙂

- Al L.

The “theme tour” concept puts fun into any motorcycle cross-country trip

The “theme tour” concept puts fun into any motorcycle cross-country trip. Rather than simply circling Point B on the map before taking off on your ride, give your itinerary a theme so that fun joins your journey. And Gary Koz Mraz’s book “Motorcycle Mysteries (Twisted Tales on Two Wheels)” gives theme touring an unusual twist, offering destinations that, in some cases, border on the macabre or supernatural. And if you select some of the book’s locations, boredom doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance of spoiling your ride. By chance I had already visited some of the haunts mentioned in Mraz’s book; others now are on my to-do list. It’s almost scary that he and I think alike on this them-tour topic. –Dain Gingerelli

- Amazon Customer

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