Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run: The Adventures of Zac King (Part 1)

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In the first installment of the Midnight Rider Trilogy, Zac King is a moto-journalist writing a story about the eight million Americans who work the graveyard shift. A story of night shifters and graveyard tanker yankers traversing the dark tarmac at witching hour. On a mission, the longer Zac rode the deeper and darker the story became. What was this bloody trail of buried bones called the Corridor of Death? Who is abducting 2000 people a day, half a million people in the U.S yearly and what are the motives? These questions, and many more, he never knew existed now haunt his dreams.

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I loved this! As a moto journalist, this was brilliant! Very factual, yet not. Very real possibility. Probably more than we realize!

- Tori McDivitt

A Great Read For All Two Wheeled Travelers

If you have a sense of adventure, if you’ve ever thought about throwing the essentials into a pack and heading out with no destination in mind, if you ride because you are a motorcyclist from the inside out, not just for show, you’ll understand and appreciate this read. From the heart and mind of a guy who lives the life for real, it’s a solid piece of moto-literature to enjoy under the shade of your bike before you bed down for the night. Great job,!

- Manish K. Pandya

A great read

After a long ride on my H.D. (usually everyday) I would crack open a Reds Apple Ale sit on my porch and read. The book had me hooked after a couple of pages. Truly a interesting read, with real organizations listed (that’s what hooked me). Hell I almost thought it was real!!!

- loyn Rider

Hold on to your handlebars!

Wow! What a wild ride. This one takes you far off the beaten path. Great, quick read. Pick it up today.

- RocMo Brown, author of The Sober Pill

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