Thundertaker: The Adventures of Zac King (Midnight Rider Trilogy – Part 2)

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Part 2 in the Midnight Rider trilogy, Kismet inextricably entwined Moto-journalist Zac King and Lisette Duran while both were on assignment. Zac was writing a story: Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run. Lisette, a Central Security Service Agent was investigating the Corridor of Death murders linked to an international organ harvesting conspiracy. THUNDERTAKER: Now on a motorcycle travel story in the Himalayas, Zac and his sultry sidekick, Liz are warned by Tibetan monks of an impending global pandemic altering the course of human history. This tale of death, sex and redemption exposes the lies we live by and the truths we die by, revealing the dark heart of human nature.

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