SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Piers of the West Coast: (Volume 1)

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A travel guide to 35 piers on the west coast of California. From the southerly most Imperial Pier to Santa Cruz. Passing within feet of gigantic aircraft carriers, I crossed incredible bridges that launched the bike airborne; beheld beautiful castles in the sky and slept serenely on Crystal Pier as the ocean rushed beneath me. Historically, piers embraced great sailing ships, welcoming goods and people from exotic lands. Whether bearing silks of China or rum from the Caribbean, this was its Ports O’Call. Those days are long gone yet the memories echo on and it’s still somewhere close to far away. Standing at the end of a pier high above an azure sea, a cool breeze blows by. The rumbling surf pounds the shoreline with bubbling fists and I am riding. The whole of the Pacific Ocean is racing toward me and I am riding on it. Enjoy the journey, you’ll be grinning from pier to pier.

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Must have for California riders

This book is a must have for anyone that travels California. My husband and I ride the coast regularly and never knew what we were missing until I read this book.

- Monica

A Peerless Book About Piers! What fun!

Koz has in infectious style that makes me want to hit the road and explore. I love the information and history he shares about each pier. And so many are so close to home! Great day trips or overnight. Now all I need is a friend with a Harley. :-_

- Belinda Busteed Burum

A Guide for Pier Daytrippers

What an eye opener. Until a friend introduced me to this book, I had no idea of the number and variety of piers in California. With many an easy drive away, this will be a great guide for day trips all year. The use of QR codes was a great idea and enhances the book. Thanks for this guide, Gary!

- Carl B Coleman

It was fun for me also

I just moved Belmont Shore and didn’t realize that the piers around me were so fascinating and had so much to offer! It was fun for me also, to read about Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara where I lived for 15 years! It is so full of great photos and factoids….this is a brilliant book for everyone to enjoy!

- Christina Fior

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