Venice Beach Pier # 18 – Venice Beach

Venice Beach

Venice Beach Freak Show

Venice Beach and Venice Pier for me, in general, is everything bad about the joys of riding. No parking ever, and scoundrels and hustlers abound. Tourists love it and yes, you have to come here at least twice in your life to watch the street performers and breathe the billowing clouds of bong smoke. Once to experience that cacophony and again to realize last time was a “quiet day”. Anyway, you get my drift. It’s a freak show for sure and for that, it’s very entertaining.

The best place to eat is The Sidewalk Café; great food and reasonable prices. It’s located on the Venice Boardwalk, in the heart of the Ocean Front Walk. It’s large, with easily 20-30 tables on a patio that overlooks the Boardwalk/Beach. Inside, there’s a bar and more seating.

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