Imperial Beach Pier #1 – Imperial Beach, San Diego

Grinning from Pier to Pier

Whether on two wheels or four, you couldn’t ask for a better ride cruising California’s picturesque coastal communities with vast ocean vistas. The Pacific Coast Highway is world-renowned and you’ll inevitably meet people from all over the world, whether locals or tourists you will be grinning from pier to pier.

Imperial Beach Pier is the southernmost pier in the “Most Southwesterly City in the U.S. and within walking distance of the Mexican border. On most days, there is a beautiful view of the Los Coronados Islands just off to the southwest. In the 1940’s, surfers from all over the U.S. made the journey to what is now Imperial Beach to surf the then-known biggest waves off the Continental United States.

The official opening day for the new pier was planned on Saturday, November 23, 1963. John F. Kennedy was assassinated the day before and it was hard to be festive when the nation is in mourning. Click on the book below.


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