Review: Viking Extra Large Plain Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag


I was looking for really large sissy bar luggage for weeks of serious two-up crusading in the northern U.S. These Vikings will be riding long stretches of open highways through desolate landscapes. There’s a wide variety of options, some I liked, some I didn’t. I didn’t want a top-loading bag that made us dig to the bottom every time we needed a sweater. I wanted handy exterior compartments that could be easily accessed at stops and I needed space, lots of space for lots of stuff. I found Viking Bags.

Viking Bags were conceived by the frustration of sub-par motorcycle luggage in the market at the time. Located in Brea California, they employ skilled fiber-glass and leather craftsmen to manufacture what they claim are the best saddlebags and luggage you can find. With two warehouses, one in Los Angeles and one in Chicago they ensure that the majority of our customers get products delivered within 5 business days. With tons of 5-Star reviews, I ordered the Extra-Large Plain Sissy Bar Luggage.

All the luggage and saddlebags are of heavy-duty “Viking leather” & Cordura. Viking leather (technical leather) is high durability, leather-like material. It is NOT Vinyl. Polyurethane leather uses the plastic polyurethane coating applied to a base made out of fiber (usually polyester). PU leather typically has the same general feel of leather, but it’s lighter than genuine leather and doesn’t crack or fade when exposed to sunlight.

Viking leather is designed specifically for the outdoors and for automotive applications, with a high level of utilization and element resistance.  Their luggage has a reinforced back, bottom, and top for durability.  I really like the dual side-opening design. I can easily access anything out of either side of the bag while it’s still on the motorcycle.  It’s loaded with storage pockets inside and outside both sides.  Its massive storage capacity; 1770 Cubic Inches, is almost 300 cubic inches larger than both of the motorcycles hardbags combined.


They provide a multitude of mounting straps that fasten quickly with hook and loop closures. Also included are shoulder strap, backpack straps, top carrying handle and a rain cover. Even the detachable roll bag includes a shoulder strap and has a top-carrying handle. You easily carry three bottles of wine in that baby.  If you decide to leave the detachable roll bag at home just tie the clips together so they don’t flap in the wind. This allows easy access to a top zipper compartment for all sorts of stuff.  The chrome strap buckles look cool and are actually snap buckle clip for easy open and close. The luggage set firmly on the rear luggage rack looks really good and holds a lot of stuff.

The mounting system is designed to fit most sissy bars, luggage racks, or backrests. It fits easily on several Harley-Davidsons backrests I tested but won’t fit over 4-inch-thick backrest pads. Feel free to call 888-208-1949 and talk to a real human with any questions.

It was time for some dry runs. Filled with a full-face helmet and a bunch of Mrs. Vikings stuff, we’re off. The Extra-Large Plain Sissy Bar Luggage didn’t feel top-heavy or unwieldy as I had it securely attached to the luggage rack and backrest.

Our First stop was the village of Pine and The Randall House off Hwy 260. Pine/Strawberry are quaint little mountain towns that Arizonians escape the heat to. With 15-degree cooler temps it’s a welcome relief. On weekends it’s filled with arts and crafts vendors and a vast array of carny food from hot dogs, Churros and Carmel corn.

Smack dab in the middle of the festive atmosphere, hidden behind bushes and trees is the Randall House. A 140-year-old home that is Strawberry/Pines finest restaurant. Breakfast here is amazing and for Lunch, they offer the best veggie wrap I’ve ever eaten.

Back on the 87 north to SR3 to Flagstaff, we pass Mormon Lake, or shall I say Mormon Dry Lake Bed. There hasn’t been water in here for 15 years.  We do pass Mary Lakes that offers boating and fishing. The view of Humphreys Peak in Flagstaff, Arizona’s highest mountain at 12,637 feet is inspiring.  We connect to the 89A south through some tight twisties and back down into Sedona. This 180-mile round trip offered a diverse terrain of steep mountain grades, tight turns, and straightaways to road test Vikings Extra-Large Plain Sissy Bar Luggage.

This Viking gives a big thumbs-up and Mrs. Viking agrees. Viking Bags have an astounding array of hard and soft saddlebags for every possible motorcycle, plus dozens of luggage options for cruiser, street, and dirt bikes. Their website is one of the most informative I’ve seen and they are a phone call away.  Did I mention they offer an extremely affordable line of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories at

See ya on the road

Additional Specs:

Retail $219.99

Organizer located on top pocket.

Dimensions: 18.75″ x 10″x 22″ (L x W x H)

Weight 12.5 lbs. empty

High quality stitching.

Mounting system is universal.

Lockable zipper pulls.

Internal mesh pocket for extra storage and organization.

Check out their great assortment of bags here:

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