Motorcycling the Himalayas: EPILOGUE – Ride of a Lifetime – Part 24

If you want the real-deal motorcycle challenge, a heart pounding adventure that you’ll never forget, this trip should be tattooed on your forehead. Come on man, Kathmandu, Mt. Everest, Tibet, The Potala Palace all woven together with epic road warrior edge-of-the-seat cliffhangers! Alas, how does one top meeting a Kumari Goddess, joining a Nepalese biker gang, standing at the base of the world’s largest mountain and sleeping in the home of a Dalai Lama — all while motorcycling the mythic grandeur of the majestic Himalaya on classic Royal Enfields?


Where few dare to go

Himalayan Road Runner owners Rob and Jack’s goal is to take you where the few get to go. They make sure you’ll have and an experience that is memorable, unique and safe. Without a doubt, they delivered. I still occasionally wake up in the middle of the night, gasping for Everest air, but it’s a gentle reminder to savor every breath, every day, with everyone. You will never forget this ride and for me, moving with the mountain brought a confidence, respect and love home to my daily life. I don’t see my “first-world” problems as obstacles to my happiness anymore; they are simply minor challenges to be overcome.

Rides of a lifetime

If this expedition is not calling to you right now, Himalayan Road Runners offers a wide variety of other amazing tours at Be it Thailand: Southern Burma – Magical Myanmar, Laos – The Mountain Roads Tour, or motorcycling Cambodia and Southern Laos you’re sure to create experiences of a lifetime. In the Himalayas they offer my ride: Nepal to Tibet – Roof Top of the World, Nepal to Bhutan – Ride the Dragon, Mustang Nepal and High Roads of the Himalaya and India. Many riders are repeat customers because they know that after 20 years, Himalayan Road Runners knows exactly how to expect the unexpected.

Motorcycling to My. Everest

Motorcycling the Himalayas BookCover

Be part of the adventure

Watch my music video below and please share this adventure with your friends. Keep an eye and out for the upcoming print and e-book “Motorcycling the Himalayas and other Sacred Places,” and check out other exciting adventures at

Be Part of the Adventure and Ride Safe!

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Next Episode Series – Piers of the West Coast

Motorcycling the Himalayas Music Video

Motorcycling the Himalayas BookCover Available on Amazon

Motorcycling The Himalayas: And Other Amazing Places

Motorcycling the Himalayas is without a doubt, an adventure of a lifetime. 1000 miles of rugged terrain, sleeping in monasteries at the base of Mt Everest, to the amazing Potala Palace, the former home of the Dalai Lama. Take an exciting trip with me and visit remote villages dating back a thousand years. This apostolic adventure began as a curiosity and became an obsession. I had visited the world’s largest Buddhist temple in the western hemisphere, a 100-million-dollar Swaminarayan Mandir Temple and the amazing mountain roads below the Malibu Hindu Temple, all in my back yard. Then the ride got real. It was off to the Yucatan peninsula to see pyramids and temples. Then motorcycled Bali and Java visiting the Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Culminating in the biggest adventure of my life, Motorcycling the Himalayas. Koz Mraz

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Motorcycling The Himalayas

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