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Koz has published hundreds of tour stories and articles for a multitude of motorcycle and travel magazines. His own travel books, “Piers of the West Coast” explore piers from Mexico to Canada. In “Motorcycle Mysteries,” Koz travels to fascinating and unique destinations and “Motorcycling the Himalayas and Temple Tours on Two Wheels” is a collection of amazing rides to sacred places. His travel stories are filled with fun facts, drama, and a dash of humor and will inspire an adventure of your own.

His fiction series, “Adventures of Zac King” thriller novellas include the wildly popular “Midnight Rider on a Graveyard Run” and “Hoka Hey – The legend of Tala Whitecloud.”  Zachary King is a Moto journalist whose taste for adventure immerses him in a sultry, mystical world of fast-paced action, non-stop drama and women with dangerous curves.

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